Looks LIke I’m Not Going To Be Bicraftual..:(

Today, I finished my socks. As i was kitchenering the heck out of my socks, my book flipped to a random page. Sooo I started reading it. It was the crochet page and I was like, ” I can do this!” so I took the 3 minute bike ride to the Wal-Mart down the block and bought myself a random crochet hook. It didn’t have a letter symbol like I thought it would…

The yarn is leftover from the sundress I made back in February. I still don’t like this yarn because it is very thick and thin.

I am pretty sure I won’t be a crocheter. I mean it is fun and I will finsh this facecloth that I’m making, but I don’t get the patterns or the hook sizes. I like looking at it though! 😀 Its pretty simple to do and I got the single crochet pretty fast. I hope I can finish this dishcloth before my knitpicks order gets here. I know that if thatpackage gets here, the dishcloth will get shoved into the back regions of my closet.

Do you like the random colorings! I do!


Miichii Out!

Looks LIke I’m Not Going To Be Bicraftual..:(

WIP Wednesday!

Hey Y’all!

I am experimenting with colord on my font today so don’t be weirded out if I use all the colors of the rainbow today ! 😀

Today I just need to finish the toe decreases on my socks and I will be done!

I Really love the colors of these socks. For those of you who are new to this blog, I talked about these colorway a couple of blogs ago.

These colorway is from premier Yarn Serenity in the color surf.

I also have two other sock patterns in my ravelry queue.  The first ones are The lacy Mock Cable Socks and then the popular Jaywalkers!

If one of you guys could tell me how to link stuff to a website, it be much apreciated.

I just have to wait for my knit picks order to come in. It is my first time ordering from there and I am very much excited!!!

Ahh Now I am back to black! I also ordered some roving from knitpicks and should have some pics up by Thursday or Friday.

Hope everything is going well in your little part of the world!

Miichii Out!

WIP Wednesday!