Looks LIke I’m Not Going To Be Bicraftual..:(

Today, I finished my socks. As i was kitchenering the heck out of my socks, my book flipped to a random page. Sooo I started reading it. It was the crochet page and I was like, ” I can do this!” so I took the 3 minute bike ride to the Wal-Mart down the block and bought myself a random crochet hook. It didn’t have a letter symbol like I thought it would…

The yarn is leftover from the sundress I made back in February. I still don’t like this yarn because it is very thick and thin.

I am pretty sure I won’t be a crocheter. I mean it is fun and I will finsh this facecloth that I’m making, but I don’t get the patterns or the hook sizes. I like looking at it though! 😀 Its pretty simple to do and I got the single crochet pretty fast. I hope I can finish this dishcloth before my knitpicks order gets here. I know that if thatpackage gets here, the dishcloth will get shoved into the back regions of my closet.

Do you like the random colorings! I do!


Miichii Out!

Looks LIke I’m Not Going To Be Bicraftual..:(