Writer’s Block…. Or Not.

I have a very severe case of writer’s block for today’s post. I have absolutely nothing to write about the pictures that I have ready for today nor do I have any interest in brainstorming. Today’s pictures include one finished project and one work in progress. I do not see myself as the blogger who just posts pictures of their knitting with no background or story behind it, but there is a first time for everything I guess.

First, I have a very cute cropped tank top to show off. I have admired these tops forever, but could only find crochet ones. As I do not crochet, making these said tops was proving to be very difficult. It wasn’t until that I stumbled along this pattern that I finally got a chance to knit my dream top. Alas, I did not keep this project, I made it as a ‘test-run’ for my friend Amanda, who I love to knit for, for an upcoming music festival here down in SoFlo.


I also have something for WIPs. I’ve made some progress on my Artichoke Socks. They’ve been my school knitting as the pattern was super super easy to memorize. I’m up to the gusset on both socks. I tried out a plain stockinette heel for the first time, we’ll see how it goes.


In other non knitting-related news, my job acceptance at Dominos Pizza is really, truly a reality. My dreams of having a steady yarn-buying income have finally come true. I start on Monday and couldn’t be more excited.

Miichii Out!

P.S. This was a great example of dramatic irony, as most of you would have realized that my writer’s block magically unblocked itself as you read this, but I did not until I typed up my usual closing. Funny how the mind works.

Writer’s Block…. Or Not.

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