Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Hello everybody, and welcome to another rambling post about how much knitting has taken over my life. It’s been a very very very busy week….

Finished Projects:

 I finished my socks, doing the kitchener stitch from an AP US History lecture on Bill ClintonIMG_0926 to a discussion on Lion fish destroying the coast of Florida in English. I found it amusing how I pretty much had a photo shoot using the wooden surface of my desk. My teacher was not amused.  One of the socks came out more of a *brighter* purple then the other. The one on the left had a way darker tone, even though they came from the same skein….weird.


My mom’s birthday was laIMG_0905st Thursday, and she LOVED her shawl. She happily posed with it,    I tricked her into thinking I was taking a picture of her but really it was all about the shawl. I really want to knit another one of these, and highly recommend this pattern to anyone staring off with shawls.


I have no works in progress. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I have no idea what t knit next and I am freaking out. I’m thinking of starting the geek-a-long blanket from 2014 but I want some instant gratification, not something that would take a long time to finish. ya feel? My queue is all socks, but I just made socks and want something new! I would make leg warmers, but my winter guard season ends in two weeks, and I won’t be dancing till next year december. it isn’t worth it.

What I’m Watching:

I’m on the 5th season of Lost, and in my opinion that is 5 seasons too long for a show that ends with the worst plot twist in the world :[. I googled the end of the show and ugh no bye.

After I finish Lost, I am probably going to start watching House of Cards and Bates Motel.

Let me know if you have and idea on what I should knit next…

Miichii out!

Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

4 thoughts on “Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

  1. V o n n a says:

    The socks look good even though different shades. I’m personally not one for matched to the tee handling socks. While I do want them to look good I also want evidence of the fact their handmade. What’s the name of the shawl? It’s pretty.

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