FO Friday: Some Cloudy Day Legwarmers

Alas, another week, another project.

When I took up knitting once again after a far too long hiatus, caused by the stress of starting high school, I made a simple pair of leg warmers. These leg warmers were a secret santa gift, for a  girl on my guard. Now, these leg warmers were simple, and the girl did not even wear them to practice once!! I was not offended as they should have been once size fits all, but really, what could fit in huge thighs like she had? No offense… (some offense).

Now on my guard, we have this tradition where a senior or junior gets their own little freshman or sophomore to mentor, and we call them our ‘twos’ Now me being a sophomore, I got this amazing “big sister” named Amanda, who was a senior and a great dancer.  She LOVED those leg warmers and wished that i had chosen her as my secret santa so she could have them. Since the girl who got the coveted leg warmers did not appreciate my long hours knitting those sob’s ( sons of bitches)

I decided to knit some leg warmers for someone who would truly appreciate them. Amanda chose the yarn (Lion Brand Heartland in Great Smoky Mountains) and I got to choose the pattern.Thus, I knit this beautiful pattern by tinyowlknits, called some cloudy day.


I took me a month exactly to finish these bad boys, and I know they will be loved for a very long time. She will wear them to practice and I will get to answer all praises with a ” hell yeah I made those!”

Miichii out! ❤

FO Friday: Some Cloudy Day Legwarmers

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