The Art of The I-Cord

the i-cord is the easiest thing to knit in knitting world! you just need some dpns and some yarn and you could make flowers, borders and much more! they look like stuffed cords and can be made in many sizes. here’s how you do it:

1.cast on the amount of stitches to make your i-cord ( this could vary from 1 to any)

2. slide the stitches to the other side of the needle and knit( the yarn should be coming from the opposite end)

3. do this until you have the desired amount of cord

4. voila! a strong cord that has a million uses!




i am thinking of starting a progressive blanket. this means that  i start a square and send it to someone else until it is completely done and gets send back to me!

just leave your name and phone number on the comments and it’ll be send to you asap! have fun!

Miichii Out!

The Art of The I-Cord

The Aventures of Blocking

yesterday I achieved a major milestone in a knitter’s life:Blocking. i was super scared when i submerged my braided hood in my sink. I followed the instructions pretty well, and my stitches came out perfectly the next day! so here are the steps to blocking Miichii way:

1. fill a sink or a large bowl with timid(little warm) water

2. swish your master piece in the water and let it sink to the bottom by itself.

3. squeeze your creation hand to hand by pressing down on it.

4. roll it up with a towel, put your favorite song on it, and towel dance on the tube!

5. get a new towel and let dry overnight or until it is completely dry.

6. your knited design would look better than it did!

this is my way of blocking and there are tons of other ways to do it. some people might think it’s not necessary to block  but whatever !

The Aventures of Blocking

How it alll began :D

i am one of those few chicks with sticks that has to hide it.”it” being the fact that im a “knitter”. I am only 13, and before you jump to conclusions, i am also very passionate about knitting. at school, people look at me weird when i pull out my needles at lunch, but i brush them off. this magical journey all started when i picked THIS book up in the library: Chicks With Sticks Its a Purl Thing byElizabeth Hernard. i read the book, returned it to the library and forgot about it. it took 7 months for me to remember that book, and 3 months to realize that that knitting thing,was MY thing. blah blah blah fast forward acouple of weeks and here we are! as you can see, im not an experienced knitter. thats the very reason i am making this show teenagers should not ( and will not) be tormented by the granny-knits-a-sweater stereotype. so join me Miichiiknits through my world that i call hell and bliss. welcome…  to the dark side… we have cookies 😀

How it alll began :D