FO Friday: My Rib Socks

Ok. I have finished my second pair of socks in 2 weeks. I would be already starting my 3rd but my package hasn’t arrived yet. I believe this wonderful pair of socks deserves a picture:

This picture really doesn’t give the socks justice, I still haven’t gotten the hang of photographing my knitted items.

The socks don’t match up together, so instead of twins they are brothers. I had a really fun time knitting this socks. Haha I’m writing this while watching American Dad and it is hilarious!! I hope everybody had a nice friday andddd today was Friday the 13th so I hope ..nobody…killed themselves or something!

Have a Great Weekend!

Miichii Out!

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Looks LIke I’m Not Going To Be Bicraftual..:(

Today, I finished my socks. As i was kitchenering the heck out of my socks, my book flipped to a random page. Sooo I started reading it. It was the crochet page and I was like, ” I can do this!” so I took the 3 minute bike ride to the Wal-Mart down the block and bought myself a random crochet hook. It didn’t have a letter symbol like I thought it would…

The yarn is leftover from the sundress I made back in February. I still don’t like this yarn because it is very thick and thin.

I am pretty sure I won’t be a crocheter. I mean it is fun and I will finsh this facecloth that I’m making, but I don’t get the patterns or the hook sizes. I like looking at it though! :D Its pretty simple to do and I got the single crochet pretty fast. I hope I can finish this dishcloth before my knitpicks order gets here. I know that if thatpackage gets here, the dishcloth will get shoved into the back regions of my closet.

Do you like the random colorings! I do!


Miichii Out!

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WIP Wednesday!

Hey Y’all!

I am experimenting with colord on my font today so don’t be weirded out if I use all the colors of the rainbow today ! :D

Today I just need to finish the toe decreases on my socks and I will be done!

I Really love the colors of these socks. For those of you who are new to this blog, I talked about these colorway a couple of blogs ago.

These colorway is from premier Yarn Serenity in the color surf.

I also have two other sock patterns in my ravelry queue.  The first ones are The lacy Mock Cable Socks and then the popular Jaywalkers!

If one of you guys could tell me how to link stuff to a website, it be much apreciated.

I just have to wait for my knit picks order to come in. It is my first time ordering from there and I am very much excited!!!

Ahh Now I am back to black! I also ordered some roving from knitpicks and should have some pics up by Thursday or Friday.

Hope everything is going well in your little part of the world!

Miichii Out!

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An FO, I Think. + News!

I hath finished the first sock of the pair:

And this is how far I am into the second one:

Crocodily makes an amazing model doesn’t he? :D

I also finished ONE bookmark while listening to a tinyowlknits podcast:

Andddd I started another one:

Now For… drum-roll please! I want to spin my own yarn! I don’t want to spend a lot of money on fiber for my beginning tries. Hey! I have an idea why don’t YOU experienced spinners tell me where i can get cheap but dependable fiber? Ok, I also want you guys to tell me what you think of my second pair of socks. ‘Ya like them?

Miichii Out!

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FO Anddd UFO Wednesday + News!!

Guess What These Are??

My First Pair Of Socks!

These where supposed to be done before Mother’s Day, but then I ran out of yarn and Jo-Ann was 15 minutes away and I didn’t have a ride. A couple of days ago, I got to go. I bought 5 skeins. It helped that there were ALL on sale for $2 each! What a bargain!! I bought 2 skeins of Serenity Sock Weight In Surf:

And 2 Skeins Of the same brand in Chili:

And one Skein of Indigo To finish The Socks.

Since I justtt <3 <3 Knitting Socks Now, I’ve already casted on for more socks!

I am using the same pattern but instead of it  being plain Stockinnete, the front will be 2×2 ribbing:

As you can see, I have finished the cuff and the heel flap and i’m ready to turn the heel.

Sock Making is soo much fun! <3 <3 <3

Now, for my News: I really want to change the name of my blog. Now I will have a poll that you guys can choose from the poossibilities. soo vote!


The Rich Creeper

this is my second story of the day. so read it. :D

The Rich Creeper

Me and my two friends, Kamea and Genaya, were sitting at Starbucks outside. we were just sitting and some Ramdom guy crosses the street, comes up to our table, sticks a wad of 20s in kameas purse that was on the table. He tells,” Do something nice for someone with this.” Turns around, doesnt look back and get in his car and drive away. Can you say Ramdom act of creepyness / kindness?!? Well we were pretty creepeed out so we went and got tacos..? Whattt?  then we got out the money counted it. Guess how much it was?!? $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives $100 to 3 13 year old girls?!? Anyways after we calmed down, we each got $20 and gave the rest to charity. i Bought a really pretty neon purse for $5 and a lipstick for $5. the rest i spend on food.

Have You ever been given ramdom money? How about  a ramdom act of kindness? post a comment telling me all about it!

Miichii Out!

The Duck Tale

i was supposed to post yesterday and thursday but i got really lazy those two days so now im making up for you. Today I will Make two posts: One of a true story/realistic fiction and one of a creepy true story that happened to me saturday. they will each have an extra that i feel like putting in so ha.

The Duck Tale

i have a little sister. She is my little half sister. Her brother thought it would be hilarious  to go find here a little duckling ( i live near a lake). We went to get one, she played with it and went to put it back. Her brother was wayyy to lazy to put him back with his mother and 7 ducky siblings so he just left him at the part of the lake that we live by. I told him not to. He just left him there alone, BY HIMSELF!! it started to rain and he went back to the house but i stayed there looking for the little duck, but he was too fast and ran away. a few weeks later i see this teenage duck and a lady duck. And It Clicks! The duckling found a single duck and called its own. This is the part of the story that it gets fictional ( except for the names) the baby duckling was dubbed Kevin Jr. Kevin was this duck that reminded me of him. The Foster mommy duck was named Kim K. .  Now, Kim K. had a boyfriend, his name was Senor Pato. When Kim K. told Senor Pato that she now has a new duck in the family, he broke up with her, Unfortunately  Senor Pato was very poor and had to stay living with Kim K. . Kim K. thought that she could date now and met Mo hack . He didnt like Kevin Jr. either and convinced Kim K.  to leave him. Kevin Jr. has been alone for a few days now, and this part is true. He has found a new home baby sitting this lady ducks ducklings. He is still living in my street and his old family is nowhere to be found.

The End

Recently ive been  obsessing over candles. i have one on my bookshelf that is on top of my desk. It is Capri Fig & Honey by Bluewick. Comment below and tell me about your favorite scents and candles. maybe ill try one :D

Miichii Out!

Flower Pressing

today I am going to start a new project. a flower bookmark! i usually use post it notes for bookmarks, so know I want a chance. this are the flowers im using;

From the pot

this is a very unusual flower to me. it has two sticks, the one it grows on and one that is connected to the bulb when it is grown.

can you see the two sticks?

well, pictures of the finished product will be up as soon as im done!


Things you dont know about me!

ok what you do know about me is very small.

i am a teenager

i knit

there. So i thought that you guys should know some stuff about me.


i am a young teenager. i know most of the newest rap songs out there lyric to lyric but i like other types of music.

Songs that i love

Knockout by Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Titanium by David Guetta

My Favs 

Favorite Color: Light Green and Light Pink, Like my room!

Favorite Food: Pasta i should have been born in Italy.

Favorite Fruit: Ready? Tomatoes and grapes. Yep I´m weeeeiiirrrd.

Favorite PassTime: Biking and Knitting

My Life 

im from venezuela and speak spanish at home. nobody knits in my family so i am the only one that got the addiction.

hope this clears stuff out with you guys


What Came In The Mail!

on friday, i received a new addition to my book colletion from ups last afternoon. Knitting Rules By Stepanie Pearl McPhee!


The book looks great against my new ikea chair doesnt it?


It also looks great on my new bookcase right?


the bookcase is also from ikea, i just sooo LooooooVEE Ikea !!


i read that book in 30 minutes. great layout, great writing and good thumbs up!

You should read this book, yes you!

Miichii Out!


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